Research: Spungold Television

Posted on February 6, 2012


Again, Spungold Television have an interesting website, but I would definitely say that it is nowhere near as effective as Dragonfly’s.


There’s an interesting colour scheme and a theme of a spider and his web. I’m not sure what actual relevance this even has for the company. I don’t think a website should ever leave you confused of it’s meaning, it’s definitely not a good start.

Again the links are relevant, I don’t think there’s anything there that shouldn’t be there, they all have relevance to the site. When you select a link, it comes up with a little spider on the side, the website definitely sticks to a theme.


I think the use of space on the Website is incredibly inefficent, there seems to be too much free space which leaves the website looking empty, which I think makes the user think the company are inexperienced.


The font is suddenly white in colour, which doesn’t fit the colour scheme at all. It’s also really small, which leaves me sqinting at the screen. It is also randomly placed in the middle of the screen. The text hasn’t been formatted to fit in the space at all, it has just been cut and pasted into the gap and left. It leaves the website incredibly clunky! The contact details are along the bottom of the screen which is inconvenient, even if it is conventional! Mainly because you cannot read them as they are in a strange font and colour.

No videos are available to be watched on the website, no showreels or clips. Instead you get a horrible list of pictures, which if you hover over, you get some more information. Of course as soon as you move you mouse, the picture changes and so does the information, not ideal.