Research: Dragonfly Productions

Posted on February 6, 2012


For me, the best websites are simple, good looking and effective, I think knowing where to stop is a great skill to have. For example, Dragonfly Productions.


I love this website, I think the colour palette is appealing, it has an interesting background image, the logo sits nicely in the top corner. The website is not intrusive or over the top.


All the links are situated at the top of the page and there’s no “mystery meat” you know exactly what you’re going to be looking at on each link. Again they are nice and simple, turning a dark blue on rollover.


I really like the idea of having the phone number of the company in an obvious place and in a quirky way. I’m sure this is really useful for people trying to contact Dragonfly, the number is right there for you to look at without trying to navigate through a ton of other links to get to it.


The next thing you come to on the web page is their show reel, I think this is a MUST for any production company. If you’re not showing what you can do then how are you ever going to convince people to work for you or more importantly, employ you to work for them.

I like the idea of using Vimeo, I think it immediately shows that you’re an industry professional instead of using the standard Youtube links which is a bit ugly and clunky.

If you click the “our videos” link on the site it takes you straight to this page.


I like the fact that as well as the show reel you can see full versions of videos the company has made, with full information on the project and the price it cost the client.

I thought it would be good to check out Dragonfly’s Vimeo account. You can’t get to this directly from their website, which I found really frustrating, so I googled them to find it.


Dragonfly Productions use the standard Vimeo homepage, it hasn’t been personalised or customised, which is something I’m interested in investigating. They are however a PLUS member, which costs an annual fee, but looks professional.