Today we were set the assignment

Posted on January 31, 2012


Today we were set the formative assignment for this project, here it is in all it’s glory;


It looks interesting and I’m excited to get started! I already have my own website which I use to showcase my personal and educational achievements, but it’s quite funny that I never even considered looking at other professionals pages when I made it! So the process of research and development will be interesting!

I have noticed though that a lot of the industry professionals I follow use social media a lot, Twitter inparticular, which I also use myself, I don’t have my Twitter account linked to any professional pages of mine. Mainly because I’m not sure if I’d enjoy potential employers reading about my personal life and what I had for dinner. I could of course put in the famous tagline “opinions here are my own” but I think a professional Twitter account may be better. The production group I work in at Uni “Hourglass Productions” does have it’s own Twitter account that we use for professional tweets, so I could do the same. The downside of that is that people then might think I have no personality or anything interesting going on in my life outside of University, it’s definitely something I’ll give some thought

Over the next couple of days I’ll be researching examples for this project, I’ll report back!

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